HDMI C3 Metal Cable End Twin-head Plug Screw

代碼 GT2H2320-0M-XX(Z2-05)

電流: 0.5A
線徑: 28 AWG
耐溫範圍: -40° / +85°
防水等級: IP 68
Cable End Screw Nut PA66
HDMI Plug Housing PBT
HDMI Plug Contacts Copper Alloy, Au Plating
HDMI Receptacle Shell Copper Alloy, Ni Plating
HDMI Plug Shell Silicone
Inner Mold PE
Over Mold PVC
Technical Data
Insulation Resistance DC500V±10%‚ test for 1 minute and the insulation resistance should be more than 100MΩ
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 500 V DC/AC peak, contact-to-contact, for 1 minute. 750 V DC/AC peak, contact- to-test panel or contact-to-shield for 1 minute.
Contact Resistance 30mΩ at 10mA Max.
Durability 1,500 cycles insertion/extraction cycles at a maximum rate of 200cycles per hour.
Thermal Shock 5 cycles at -40° / +105°,after the test, the function and appearance can't be impacted.
Waterproof Test Submersion in water 1 meter for 30 minutes.